"Taste The Pudding is fucking immense. There might be a lot of great humour within the song titles and lyrics but these guys take things very seriously in what they do."

- The Sludgelord

"Thank god for Blackwitch Pudding."

- The Sleeping Shaman

“If you like ingesting fuzzed out bass lines, rich organic percussion and guitar tones that will hit you harder than your first period, check out these wandering wizards.”

- Exiled In Eugene

"Laughable, yes, but damn if the trio doesn’t make it seem absolutely crucial to hang onto every Hawkwind-inspired guitar solo, or get wrapped up in vocals that move from winking to growling in a matter of seconds."

- The Portland Mercury

About the band

  Paying Homage to the rotten filth from which they were born, Blackwitch Pudding is actually a band of three wizards. Legend has it, they were raised from a stagnant used puddle of ergot, left by the mysterious Blackwitch, hundreds of years ago. Trained in the dark arts of doom and witchery, these wizards wander the cosmos in search of nothing, for their path is a simple one: The riffs must be heavy and the smoke must be heavier.

  Taste the Pudding is Blackwitch Pudding’s self-produced debut release. Heavy yet catchy, the riffs cast by this power trio of wizards will leave you spellbound. Recorded at Toadhouse Studios, an established sonic proving ground that has churned out gems by the likes of Red Fang, White Orange, and Norska. Mixing, mastering, and final touches were handled by the legendary Billy Anderson, well known for his work with The Melvins, OM, Agalloch, Blood Ceremony, Neurosis, Sleep, Weedeater, and many, many more.

  This album, band, and experience are completely self-produced and self-sustaining operations. Great lengths have been taken to ensure that no part of the spectacle that is Blackwitch Pudding has been overlooked. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the lights and the crushing feeling you get in the pit of your stomach travel to every stage, forest, and cabin they play. Hand-crafted by a loyal cadre of dark-art comrades, everything that goes into the BWP experience is tailored to send the listener, and even more so the concert goer, into an unforgettable celestial black hole of stoned-out doom.